Spoilers from the filming today!

Friday, April 27, 2012

From the source:
So today was Glee’s last day filming at school, and I decided to stop by after class to check things out again! They were filming outside the Luckman Theater (which dubbed as the theater in Chicago for Nationals) - Cory, Lea, and Jonathan were the only ones filming outside. The scene involved a bunch of extras/other choir groups walking and milling around outside the theater, then you see Rachel walking and Jesse approach her, they start talking, Rachel kind of walks away a bit into the conversation and Jesse goes and grabs her hand and pulls/turns her back to him to keep talking to her. Later on they filmed scene where Jesse and Rachel are talking and Finn comes up to them and puts his arms around Rachel and kind of pulls her to his side - then after a couple of lines, Rachel leaves and it’s just Jesse and Finn talking, then they cut. There were a couple of other scenes shot, but they were hard to see because of all the extras in the way, but at least we now know there will be some form of Jesse/Finn/Rachel interactions at Nationals…
Are you excited for Jesse's return? We are! x

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