Darren Criss Looks Forward To Season 4

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Well, Gleeks, tonight the McKinley High seniors don their caps and gowns for the “Glee” season finale. With the show’s core characters graduating—including Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel and Quinn Fabray—fans are wondering whether the series will succumb to the college effect. (You know, when a TV show begins with a group of teens as high school students, sends them off to college and the series never quite recovers.) 
When MTV News caught up with Darren Criss, who plays Kurt’s boyfriend, Blaine, he dismissed fans’ worries. “I think people got hung up on the idea that it’s over, which it’s not at all,” he said. “It’s just another departure point. When you graduated high school it’s not the end of the world.” 
The actor said he’s interested in seeing how the graduating seniors’ stories develop, but he also mentioned what he hopes is in store for the future of his character. On “Glee“‘s Whitney Houston tribute episode, “Dance with Somebody,” Kurt and Blaine had their first argument when Blaine discovered text messages between Kurt and some random guy. By the time the episode was over, all was well and the two made up. Darren told us he’d like to see a fight that lasts longer.
“[Blaine]’s going to be a senior. I’m curious to see where his journey takes him,” he said. “Him and Kurt seem to be pretty strong, but Chris [Colfer] and I liked a little drama, so we like things being shook up maybe for more than one episode. So, I don’t know. We’ll see. I’m just happy to be invited to the party.

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