Glee Season 4: Chris Colfer and Lea Michele on what's next for Kurt and Rachel

Friday, May 25, 2012

Wipe the tears from your eyes, Gleeks. Just because some of our favorite New Directions members finally graduated from McKinley High doesn't mean that Season 4 of "Glee" isn't going to be just as amazing as the previous three. But we'll have to wait until the fall to find out what it will entail, because cast members like Chris Colfer and Lea Michele both tell Zap2it they're not exactly sure what's happening. 
"[I know] very little, like a light sprinkling of what they're planning," admits Colfer. "I don't know -- it sounds pretty cool. I'm interested!" 
Colfer says he is looking forward to what adventures Kurt gets up to in New York City. "I'm really excited just for him to get older and to see where his life takes him. He's a really really powerful character and I'm really interested to see where he goes." 
But where does Colfer want him to go? "The offices of Vogue. I want him to be Anna Wintour's assistant, and then of course I want him to sing at night. Maybe he goes to Joe's Pub occasionally and has a random concert with him and two people. And then eventually I want him to be the editor in chief of Curtain Magazine, which combines fashion and show choir.
Michele didn't give specifics, but says she's looking forward to Rachel's adventures in Season 4. "I'm very excited about my storyline for next year for sure," she says. 
Jane Lynch does know one thing about Sue Sylvester in Season 4: her baby will arrive in the fall. "She's due in September. I do know that. Either she'll be a newborn or I'm gonna give birth onscreen, I don't know." 
So there you have it: the only concrete thing we know about "Glee" Season 4 is that Sue's having a baby. What do you hope happens next year?

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