It's Graduation Day at Mckinley High!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

From the source:
"Order on stage Harry, Quinn, Amber, Puck, Naya, Chris, Cory, Lea. The extras all behind them and the glee club gets diplomas last because that would happen in the real world. Jesus. Puck performs glory days as each member is called up. Naya waves, blows kisses, mouths I love you to Hemo when on stage. Puck/Quinn’s mom there siting together, Mikes too I think but maybe not seen cause its a random Asian couple. Cory/Lea kiss when she gets up on stage."
Klaine hug as Kurt walks on stage. Kurt cries the entire time. I will try to refrain from giving personal commentary…lol
Finn is valedictorian
Set Pictures:
1 scene, 27 prinicples. Welcome to graduation.
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