Lea Michele on Set + Filming Spoilers

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lea Michele on Set (5/10).

Filming Details:
  • Cory and Lea filmed 2 scenes on location while Chris and Matt filmed scenes on the Paramount lot. Brad Falchuk is directing.
  • Cory and Lea filmed a scene outside what seemed to be Rachel’s house- Finn pulls up (in his suit), honks the car horn, Rachel exits the house (wearing her red coat/same as train station/same as NY), and gets into the car. They say a few words, then Finn backs out of the driveway. Rachel’s pink suitcase is in the trunk.
  • There were some issues with paparazzi and one almost ended up with a citizen’s arrest. The crew did the best they could to block the area off completely and put two trucks back to back to block the paparazzi’s view. But they got a decent amount of pictures of Cory arriving, getting coffee, etc and Lea getting in and out of the car during each take.
  • For the second scene, they moved a few blocks away to set up the picture car and rig for the driving shots. Finn and Rachel have a long talk as they head to the train station.
  • The car/trailer got stuck as they exited the lot for the first take of the driving shots- a tow truck had to quickly help them get into the street before they blocked traffic longer. Cory and Lea were hilarious when they got stuck. The metal of the trailer scrapped against the asphalt and smoke started to form. Lea looked right at me when the trailer came to a hault and we both laughed since we had the exact same expression. She had the most adorable concerned face. She began an adorable panic asking “Are we going to explode?” “Are we gonna die?” before the tow truck helped them get moving again. Then Cory yelled out the window in triumph once they got going and everyone clapped. Each take they did, the car screeched and scraped loudly against the asphalt where Cory would just yell and make hilarious faces to us.
  • In between takes, Lea and Cory hung out in the transpo van and ate/drank, etc. Lea took a break and got her make up touched up while sitting sprawled out in the back of a van with her legs up over the seat in front of her (girl has legs for daysssss). Her short dress left nothing to the imagination.

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