Month Round Up: What Happened in October... 4x05-10 Spoilers!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's October! Wow, the year is ending!! Are you excited for xmas? New Years? I'm excited for Glee's next episode.. :)

S4 Tweet: Glee filming in NY.
4x07 Song: R.E.M.’s Superman.
S4 Songs: Possible Christmas albumsinger list (note: all original posts speculating the songs and who is singing them have been deleted, so this is all likely foilers).
4x04 Video: Gleecap from GleeonFox.
4x05 Gleek Out Brasil Q&A: 
4x10 Possibly to be called The Reunion (no source, just an anonymous ask).

Off Glee:
Dianna Agron tumbls Milo GreeneMark MahoneyAmsterdamOpus Orange.
Since we all use Tumblr, I'm gonna post people's tumblr account links for pictures and stuff. LOVE xx @LittleLambFans & @GleeFansLive
PS: Our music archive was updated! Check it out here. 

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