Today's Round Up: 4x07 Spoilers! Quinn and Sebastian to return!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Since we all use Tumblr, I'm gonna post people's tumblr account links for pictures and stuff. LOVE xx @LittleLambFans & @GleeFansLive
PS: Our music archive was updated! Check it out here. 
Season 4 new Spoilers:

  1. Major shake-up for New Directions.
  2. Glee filming in NYC this weekend
  3. Christmas episode for Glee.
  4. Tina, Artie, Sugar speculation from

04 x 07 Spoilers:

Off Glee:

Lea Michele on Ellen:

Dianna Agron at Paris Fashion Week, Miu Miu.

Photo: Naya Glamour shot.


Lea Michele’s best scene on Glee to date, from "The Break Up"! Thoughts?

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