Glee Spoilers Round Up!!! All-New: Casting, Songs, Scenes and more!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Since we all use Tumblr, I'm gonna post people's tumblr account links for pictures and stuff. LOVE xx @LittleLambFans & @GleeFansLive

Click on the "Glee The Music: Glease" to download the EP!

Glee Spoilers:

4x09 Something Stupid to be sung by Sam and Brittany.
4x06 Article: Press release for episode.
4x10 Casting: 8 year old Kurt.
4x08 Video: Gangnam Style teaser.
4x09 Gleekoutbr Cheerio spoilers:
4x06 Photos: HQ stills from episode.
4x06 Photos: HQ stills.
04 Gleekoutbr (all links are broke, as they were deleted, but here’s all the Q&A backed up):
4x09 Photo, tweet: Behind the scenes photo: Wardrobe.
So many new stuff! Are you guys excited? Xx

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