All About Naya: Glow Canada’s art director dishes on the Naya Rivera shoot!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fabulous article! 
As an art director I often get asked, “what exactly is it that you do?”. I’m sure some envision a job filled with long lavish lunches with big name photographers and models, trips to exotic locales for shoots and of course, non-stop posh parties. In reality, my job consists of sorting out a million details on tight deadlines. Recently, Glow had the opportunity to do a cover shoot with Glee’s Naya Rivera in Los Angeles and I thought it would be a great opportunity to shed some light on what exactly my role as “art director” is all about. 
We just got word that we landed Naya Rivera for our Summer cover! The Glow team is pumped! We have four weeks to pull this shoot together. First off, we need to do some research. What has Naya been doing? What has she been wearing at events and red carpets? We want to make sure we capture Naya in a way that shows her personality and style, but is appropriate for Glow. 
Ready to roll! Heading out to LA one day early to take care of some loose ends that can only be done in person. I pick up the car rental and head to my hotel, The Standard, Hollywood Hotel. Wow, this place is hopping! Art show in the lobby, delish drinks by the pool, this is definitely the place where people “In the know” stay. Off for a meeting with the photographer to review the shoot details, then off to arrange catering. Vegan on set!  
I finally arrive at our location. Most of the crew is here. Have a little catch up with the photographer Dove Shore and and then check in with Jo Baker (makeup artist) and Clyde Haygood (hair artist) to see if they have any questions. Next I’m introduced to Naya by her publicist. Our stylist Taylor Jacobson (you might know her from The Rachel Zoe Project) is hard at work prepping the wardrobe…her pull is amazing! 
Prepping for a shoot is always longer than the actual shoot. The whole crew is ready and excited to get started. Naya is almost done with hair and makeup and the crew’s on standby. Once she is on set we do a few test shots and make a few minor adjustments. I’m keeping my eyes open for just the right shot. It comes down to such tiny details. The best angle, expression, lighting, hair. Once you get it you know it…it’s still such a thrill!  
All the cameras are rolling. ET Canada is here as well to cover our shoot. The shots are looking amazing. We take a few and send them back to the office in Toronto to keep the peeps there in the loop. We’re able to get several shots in this location. One in particular is up on a very high ledge, my stomach is in knots! Naya has no problem hopping up there even with her crazy high shoes. I feel like there is a collective sigh of relief once she is finished and safely back on the ground. We get some killer shots, but the problem is that this light only lasts for a few minutes. What a great shoot. Now time to start working on our next one!

Can't wait for the video from ET Canada! She looks amazing! x 

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