What's going to be #Glee's format for Season 5?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

We all wanna know what's gonna change right? Well, here's a few opinions / dates / news about the season 5:

The Futon Critic says: 
"Glee" will split its upcoming season into two blocks. "We're going to come out with a fall season of 'Glee,' put it on hiatus for a little bit, give 'Rake' a tryout. Then 'Glee' will be back in the spring, relaunching with I think a creative twist in terms of where we're going with the creative evolving. And then that will play right into the summer as it's done once before."

Broadwayworld.com complements TFC article saying:
The executive explained that this season's pattern of airing a new episode followed by a series of reruns was very frustrating for Glee fans and created "too much bookkeeping" for the show's core audience. 
In addition it was revealed that the new season will continue with graduation, as well as more New York City "adventures" featuring the characters portrayed by Lea Michele and Chris Colfer. There will also be "inter-mini" story arcs including a host of guest stars to be announced at a later date.
Leslie Goldberg tweeted:

E! Online complements the other articles quoting Rilley:
When it comes back in the spring, Reilly says, there will be a "creative twist" involving the return.
Are you excited?!

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