Kevin McHale featured on Out Magazine’s Fantastic Four

Friday, February 03, 2017

Kevin is featured as one of Out Magazine’s Fantastic Four in their March 2017 issue, alongside James Paxton, Austin P. McKenzie, and Augustus Prew.

“A new crew of young actors, all with queer projects, on what makes them tick.”

Quotes from the piece:

"I was in a relationship for a long time, and that ended last year. I think I’m probably bad at dates. Online dating scares the shit out of me. I think I’m too awkward. My sense of humor sometimes doesn’t translate well online. It’s sort of like going to an audition, and you tell a joke, and it either lands or it doesn’t. On Tinder or text, things get misconstrued so easily. I have one friend who is on everything, and for a while he was losing his mind. He was on, like, four dating apps at once, and he just seemed exhausted."
— Kevin McHale

"It was hard to find stuff on Bobbi, but I was able to listen to some radio interviews. He was on the cover of Newsweek and labeled as sort of the AIDS poster boy. I think my first takeaway was that he never lived in shame. Even though nobody understood what was going on, he accepted it and lived out loud with it. He went to college to become a nurse, and when he got diagnosed he did his research. Talking to [Dustin Lance Black], I also learned how Bobbi got along with everyone. He fit right in when he moved to town."
— Kevin McHale on channeling Bobbi Campbell in When We Rise

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